And from now on it's done with the tropical posts. Unfortunately. Back to the Dutch reality! 
That means where Summer almost doesn't exist and where I have to wear jackets over my t-shirts.

But hey, I live in the heart Amsterdam! Which is not a punishment at all. And monday this town will be 
upside down. Why? KINGSDAY. The day that makes you hate the color orange but actually still wearing it. 
 So here's a little orange warm-up to get in the mood for monday. And did you noticed I'm wearing all 
the items on my shirt!? (just saying.)

What do you think of the color orange?



It was about time I grabbed my time machine again ;) And so I bumped up to this flamingo
pink look. Which matches the pink of my all time favorite brand. Which reminds me I didn't
have paid a visit for a long long time... Shall we?!




In the first two pics this place looks so peaceful and full of colors. But it's actually the abandoned
hotel on Bonaire from an old drugs dealer. Yep... With all kinds of scary ghost stories - which my 
niece luckily told me yesterday on WhatsApp - where I (thank God!) didn't knew about!

Despite everything, I was totally in my element with my off duty look ;) And distracted by this
graffiti on the wall (Especially the donuts on the last pic!) Can I have this at home too? Haha!
FYI: kidding. Of course.



Oh sun of a beach I freaking miss you! Missing this whole Summer vibe which will never ever come to
Amsterdam, ever. I feel so sorry for my Caribbean family! Not that they're probably sweating  like a pig
right now, but because they're moving back to Holland this Summer. Yay for me! And nay for them...

I wanna wear this bikini again, right now! It sparkles and it makes me happy. Just like my cool zebra pet.
And of course I meant the towel...

(PS. Who's got the hottest ass of them all on the last picture?! Haha!)