Hey girlllll! It's me again, Danielle, with my (L)interior styling tips. This weekend is gay weekend!
Because we have Gay Pride in Amsterdam. The whole city is up side down from street parties to
club parties and the famous Canal Parade. This inspired me for my new #linterior post: Pink Pride.

Pink is not only thé gay color, but also Linsey's favorite color. When we were little girls Linsey
loved to play in my pink bedroom. Since we are living in an adult home with our boyfriends we
can't live in a princess room anymore. (But we do live like Princesses though ;)).

But I found the perfect solution for little pink details at home that your boyfriend
(or girlfriend) wouldn't even notice. Here are my secret tips...



Bloemen, fleurs, blumen, flowers, blomster. Something POSE Danielle mentioned earlier; flowers
are thé finishing touch. And not only for your home, let that be clear! Also in your outfit. Think about
a flower crown. Or what about a floral suit or dress? And not to mention some flowery shoes.

We all know flowers are girl's best friend (if you can't afford diamonds...) and they give you a smile
from ear to ear. So let's go floral shopping and feel like a bouquet of happiness! 



This must be the most appropriate title I've ever used for a post. Because believe me, I got
Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness right here, right now. We all know that the Dutch Summers
aren't the best ones in the world. But this one is like hell and major depressing.

When it's dry and 20 degrees or higher: we jump in the air, go to the beach, getting mortal on
the terrace and walk bare legged with flip flops like the roof is on fire. Dutchies, you're damn right,
because it doesn't get any better than this...

It's time to get outta here! ASAP! But where? Somewhere warm, somewhere cheap and somewhere
last minute. Any suggestions? ;)



Hello there, it's Danielle again! It's time for a boost of #Linterior inspiration. This time we're 
gonna talk about: bloemen, fleurs, blumen, blomster. Or better said: flowers ;) 

Call me crazy but when I'm cleaning my house, I love to change my living room. Sometimes with
new decoration but also with old goodies. So last wednesday before my major house cleaning
session, I moved some of my old decoration and gave them a new place in the livingroom. It
immediately feels like a new home! And I know this may sound crazy, but my boyfriend is used
to come to a "new" home every week.

A real finishing touch of a stylish home are... flowers! So I went to BY DENNIS - my all time favorite 
flower shop in Haarlem - for some new fresh flowers and secretly also for home inspiration ;) 
Their neighbours are themselves. Because they have two stores next to each other: for flowers and 
a seperate interior store. For people like you and me - I'm talking about interior junkies - it's like
a candystore.

So when you bought some fresh flowers, a perfect vase is a must! And not the ones your mom
gave to you (sorry mom!) But a fashionable vase for a stylish home. Yes, vases are a part of fashion
too ;) Something different, something what makes you say "WOW!" Something like an...
Old milk bottles crate?!