DAY 2: Ahhh Salou! Home away from home. I went there on holiday since I was little kid 
(2 and a half years old to be exact). A lot of people won't understand the love I have for 
that city - because of some ordinary stories maybe - but I grew up there in the Summer.

It felt like I was driving into Disneyland when I arrived in Salou! All my memories came up as 
soon as I opened my car window and smelled the beachy air. I looked to the left, to the right and
memories is all I saw. And that made me incredibly happy!

People say time machines don't excist. I created my own - in my head of course - and went
 back in time. I can tell you, it was awesome!



Last friday night I decided to go to Barcelona on saturday morning. Whutttt?! 
Yes, I had a YOLO moment okay! Why? Why not?!

Four days no blog, no make-up, no fashion, just relaxing. That's exactly what I needed. 
I'm screaming for months now: "I soooo need a holiday", so that finally happened!

Of course I made pictures! That's what you do when you're on vacation, right? 
Snapshots of the great times you wanna remember. And I definitely wanna remember these days…

My alarm went on a time when I normally go to sleep. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit; 5AM ;)
And as I am not a real superstar in flying with the plane, I was freaking nervous.

The first thing what was on the planning after our check-in to the hotel? Fooooooooood.
So off we go to Mercat de la Boqueria! In the night we were strolling around in El Born
and enjoyed our lovely balcony and neighborhood in Ciutat Vella.

Then it was time to get some sleep, because I already knew day 2 was gonna be SO excited!!!
I will tell you everything about that tomorrow... ;)



(L)instagram was a little bit busy the past month. Lots of pictures, videos and bloggers came by.
Meetings, Dolce & Gabbana bikes, WorldCup, Fashion Week. And I can go on and on and on ;)

Maybe I should just shut up and let you take a lot at my past month in photos...
Have fun! 



Focus, f-o-c-u-s, fo... Oh hey a unicorn! I'm having a hard time with concentrating lately.
I'm over thinking a little too much. Why? Because 24 hours in one day is just not enough!

But I definitely do remember this look! When I was shopping for my - then future - dream house
where I'm still so happy though!

(PS. What about this amazing font I used?! Graphic designers would understand me, hihi.)