What about this Smooth Criminal look?! Or shall I better call it "rockchick"?
Naaah, smooth criminal sounds cooler ;)

I think a new addiction is coming up; boooooots. And I mean those army inspired ones from Tamaris
I just canNOT get enough of them. Hello pair number 4… Gotta love it!

What's a better combination to wear it with other than a dress? Or is it a blouse? I don't know and 
I don't care. Remember I went to the fashionshow of Gestuz? Well, this is one of their blouses 
and I have one hell of a dress awaiting for me to wear.

Stay tuned… ;)




Isn't that the best thing to think of? PINK. I can be a girly-girl sometimes. Oh sorry, I meant
almost always ;) Glitter is not a color so pink must be my favorite. What's your favorite color!?

This must be the cutest top I've ever wore. I also have a sweater version of this though!
The perfect version for Fall I must say :)

Oh and by the way, yes I bought something at Acne… Woopsie!
Can you guess what it is? More about that very soon ;)



Lets talk about your home! Shall I start? Okay... We all want to have a big, cosy house, right?
But not all of us is capable of buying - or renting - one.

 I have a cute little - 60 square meters with an 8m2 attic - apartment in Amsterdam (de Pijp).
 I always say De Pijp is a bit like Le Marais. Where do you live?!

I am (absolutely) not an interior expert. But I am an amazing internet spy though! 
So thank the lord for Pinterest!

And what I was searching for is: 'how to make your home look bigger'. I found loads of tips and I thought,
why not sharing with you?! I will show my home when I used my own found tips ;)

Read my tips here in this post and follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration...