Oh Bonaire, you're killing me! In a good way though. Is there a good way of killing? YES, there is.
The Caribbean is killing me with their beauty and I haven't even been to the other islands yet!

Just when you think you're vacation cannot be better, I'm leaving to Aruba and Curacao this week!
You read that right dushi!!! Two nights Aruba and two nights Curacao.

This day was tourist day. Sight seeing, driving around the island and chilling at one of my 
favorite spots; Jibe City. That view though…

 What will tomorrow bring…? Now I'm off to yoga, ayo!



Okay okay, I need to work on my tan a little. But if that's the biggest problem…? I can totally get
 used to these kinda days. No worries, good weather and relaxing vibe. I think I belong here!

I just don't wanna leave this island anymore! Well, Curacao and Aruba are planned, but that's not 
what I meant... ;) Yes, you heard that right, Joy and I are going to discover the other islands as well.
And my macamba niece is going with us :) So be prepared Curacao and Aruba!

We shot this pictures at the ahhhhh-mazing (Van der Valk) Plaza resort. I must say this is such a
beautiful spot to go to. And yesterday it was even more fun because of Wake Jam, a wakeboard event.
And you know how I like events ;) So bring on these cocktails!

Of course we had to show off our flash tattoos we could f-i-n-a-l-l-y use!!! So hot and happening 
right now, haha! You see them everywhere, except on Bonaire. But we made that change ;)

What do you think of these flash tattoos?! And how cool is that second last picture?!



Oh I'm gonna make you so jealous the upcoming two weeks with these Summer pictures! 
And sorry I'm not sorry ;)

What to do in the Caribbean? CHILLAX. Nothing more nothing less. And with 33 degrees you 
cannot do a lot more than that to be honest. First I have to get rid of this jet lag and second; I need 
to get used to this heat, my GAWD!

Find some tips in this post, where to eat and what to wear! :)



Remember last year in May? It was my first time to... BONAIRE. Thursday I was at Schiphol and off to
the Caribbean for the second time! What a luxury... Finally I'm going to see my makamba family again!

So now I'm here in the Caribbean, what do you wanna know from the islands?! What do you 
wanna see here on my blog? ASK ME ANYTHING! Is it hotspots? Food? Sports? Fashion?

I will do some reseach while I'm here ;-) Ayo!