Today the madness is going to begin. Well, the madness already has started a few days ago but 
today it's official; Amsterdam Fashion Week. Let's do this! Got my outfits together, my hair and 
makeup artists standby, photographer? Check! I've never been as much prepared like this!

So before the madness, a not so casual outfit ;) Normally you would expect that from
 a blogger, right? "Being casual before Fashion Week and stuff". Nah, not my thing though...
Comfy is where I'm going for.

Hot tea, comfortable shoes, a cozy vintage sweater and a crazy bandana wrapped around my head.
Sounds relaxing enough for me. There's one thing missing on this list and you may guess what that is...
Right, FOOD.



Fashion Month is coming up and hell yes I am excited! Not because I'm going to Paris, Milano,
London or NYC, I will be lying with my not so big but on Bonaire and keep myself up to date 
so now and then ;)

Of course I cannot miss the Fashion Week where my roots are, Amsterdam Fashion Week.
Which will start this Thursday. So let's grab our time machine and go back to a look I wore 
two years ago... #ThrowbackThursday

Are you going to Fashion Week? And which one?!



I just love to personalize things as you may noticed. So I own Instagram with my homemade
name Linstagram ;) So here it is, my "Linsta" diary. With lots of (Danish) food, boyfriend
kisses, Copenhagen stuff and shameless selfies.

So let's talk about Instagram... What is your Instagram? And your top 3 accounts?
Mine are: 1. @TuulaVintage - 2. @KhloeKardashian - 3. @ChiaraFerragni 

Follow me @linseysijmons :)



So, how's it going with your new years resolutions? Still going? Well hell yes I am!
My motivation is the Caribbean where I'm going within two weeks(!!!) I need to get that Doutzen 

If you haven't got any motivation to work out, eat "rabbit food" and stay healthy... Well, hello there, 
I am your motivation! I want to show you a tiny bit of my work out routine in the week.

Besides my three times a week kickboxing lessons - I'm so glad I'm still alive - I also go jogging
at least twice a week. Okay okay, I'm lying... At least once a week then.
With some workouts in between.

So are you with me next time? Let's do this!