Something old something new, something borrowed, something blue. And that all in one outfit! 
Okay, except for the borrowing part actually... And no, I'm not getting married (yet) ;)

Talking about marriage and since it's thé wedding season; is there anybody here married?! Or are you 
that kinda woman that doesn't feel the need to go through all that fuss? Because honestly, I'm that opposite 
girl. That already had wedding dreams before she even knew what it actually meant. Recognizable? ;)

My boyfriend thinks I will be this bridezilla - besides his remarkable comments, he's quite a nice guy - but
I will proof him wrong (if he will ever pop up the big Q (on a very original way though!)) Somehow I'm
very old-fashioned with that, so to my opinion l'homme must ask la femme.

And one thing must be clear; No. Cake. In. My. Face. #AndOnMyFutureVeraWangDress. Period.

What are your wedding dreams/plans/stories/thoughts? Would love to hear them :)



Remember last week's sneak peek? Why hello there total outfit! I almost believed I could fly with
this blouse/dress/whateveryougorgeousthing around my hips.

Like I told you before, this blouse is magical. You feel totally caught up in a slow motion scene moment
when it's flowing around in the wind like that. Haha! But I mean it though...

Sooo, what do you think of this look?



Kingsday in Amsterdam, a morning with John Frieda, hashtag foodporn (duh!) and finally my Acne
dream buy arrived where it belongs; to me ;) That's just a glimpse of what happened the past couple of weeks.

And how do we all show these experiences? Of course; (L)instagram!
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Say Hi to my pet, Coco. Some people have a dog, a cat or a fish, but I have bulls. I'm joking!
Of course they're not my pets but it's just home decoration.

A few years ago I was browsing in this amazing book of Eric Kuster, a Dutch interior designer.
 I saw this BIG bull skull and from that moment I was in totally in love and I became obsessed with it.
  And no, I'm not a horror freak ;)

For years I had discussions with le bf because "he really wants to have a cute pet he can cuddle with."
 But I'm too paranoide it will destroy my precious home. And Coco? He just decorates my home. I don't
have to feed him or clean his shit, haha ;) He only has to shine at my place. What else do you want!?

I got my first "pet" from my father in law. He found this awesome skull on Curacao (where he lived)
and took it with him when he came back to the Netherlands.

Once a month there is this flea market in Amsterdam - which called de IJhallen - and there I found this
 mini skull. So to make the bull family complete I bought the big silver skull at Woonexpress. Because they
  hang all together on a wooden shelf, I can move them whenever I'm changing my living room.
 Which is probably once a month, haha!

(PS. Its not that I don't love animals but I just love my home a little more ;) )